Music and archive copyright clearance utility.

Version 6.3 contains a public beta of XML importing from Premiere Pro and FCP7!

Even less work for you and the editor now that XML files from Premiere Pro or FCP7 can be loaded into Brewer. Please see this page for details (XML import from FCPX is currently in development).

Do you have to trawl through EDL's to make your lists of archive footage and music tracks?

Now you can do your music cue sheets or itemise the archive shots used in your programme with only a couple of mouse clicks!

Marie-Denise Dormis, Pitch International.

Simply ask your favourite editor for an EDL from their FCP or Avid, load it into Brewer and click 'Generate Clip List'.

In just a tick, you'll be given a summary of all the clips in your production's edit along with their reel number and individual duration. Even better: at the bottom of the list is each clip along with it's accumulated duration throughout your show. Used a CD multiple times in the edit and just want the overall duration used from it? It's right there.

"I've done my archive budget in minutes!"
Sean Schmolz. The Gamma Project.

Need to only list clips from a certain CD?
No problem: use the Filter ability of Brewer to list only the clips with names containing a keyword, like a library CD number or those on a specific reel.

Like to see your clip lists in a spreadsheet?
Easy! The list is saved as 'Tab Delimited', which means it can be imported into Excel or Open Office.

Find text in the EDL or list easily with a mouse-click!

Rename un-labelled tapes with your own name.

Show clip durations rounded to the nearest second or with a decimal places!